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You only pay us when we generate calls or leads for you.

Lower risk,  increase profits.  We don't charge a retainer, we are only paid when a call or lead is generated. Our commission-only structure allows you to work with us to develop a campaign without the stress of wondering how much it will cost you.   We will consult with you to learn your goals and what the cost per call or cost per lead should be to meet those goals.  You only pay for the lead or calls, no hidden fees.  We also can provide creative services, including banner and landing page design.


Over 15 years in business working with all sizes of national companies.


Peak Advertising exists to help you generate online calls, leads and sales from consumers.  Let us, with our 16+ years in business working with clients that range from startups to international brands such as Disney and others, go to work for you.  We utilize a multitude of offline and online media such as call transfers, direct mail, pay per call, email advertising, display and banner advertising, social media, and more to bring prospective consumers to you.  We also have a network of call centers and click to call inventory to provide you with call transfers and cost per call advertising opportunities.


Complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss how we can help you reach millions of consumers on a performance marketing basis.  If you can accept leads/calls nationally (not just a local area), then please contact us.



If Your Company Needs Calls and/or Leads from Consumers,  Contact us.

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Peak Advertising, a full service digital advertising agency providing cost per call or pay per call,  provides cost per action, cost per acquisition, pay per lead, cost per sale, per inquiry, and pay for performance advertising.  This type of direct to consumer advertising  which is also known as performance based advertising comprises many methods including CPA Advertising, cost per sale, cost per acquisition, pay per lead, cost per call, pay per call marketing, online advertising, PI advertising, pay per inquiry, pay for performance, cost per enrollment, cost per membership, or cost per lead advertising or generally known as internet advertising, online advertising, direct response advertising, and PI (per inquiry) television advertising as well.  We also provide advertising via call center lead generation or call center transfers provides lower risk for advertisers.  In business since 2004, Peak Advertising is one of the premier online advertising agencies specializing in this type of direct response advertising and marketing.  We can help your company generate consumer leads, contact us for a no obligation consultation.  Online advertising is direct marketing.