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How do we find you new potential customers?


Peak has access to millions of consumers through variuous methods.   By closely monitoring the quality from each souce, we optimize your campaign and bring you the highest return on your advertlising investment.  Some of the methods we use are:

Direct Mail &
Email Advertising
Pay per Call Advertising

Traditional Direct Mail. and Email are very efficient and standard practices to reach consumers. All email lists that we use are fully CAN SPAM compliant and generate high quality leads for our clients.  We provide email campaigns on a cost per lead or pay per call basis.

Pay per call (also called cost per call) advertising is the best and most cost effective method of making the phone ring.  Consumers see ads and dial the phone number in the ad to find out more about the advertiser's products and services.  Our clients only pay for the call, not the ad space.  Ads run on moblie devices (mobile click to call) as well as online via display, social, search and direct mail.

Call Center Transfers

The power of call centers is undeniable.  Peak has relationships with centers that can contact consumers that have inquired online about about your category of product or service, screen them, and then transfer these qualified calls to your business.  If you seek transfers, Peak can introduce you to companies that can help.

Display Advertising & Creative Services

Banner ads are a great method for branding and generate leads from consumers online.  We can drive traffic to a landing page or they can be used to drive calls. We provide display advertising on a cost per lead or call basis. We have creative services available for banner and web page design as well.

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